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What is a CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker)?
CASBs provide a solution to many of the security problems posed by the use of cloud services both sanctioned and unsanctioned. They do this by interposing themselves between end users whether they are on desktops on the corporate network or on mobile devices connecting using unknown networks or by harnessing the power of the cloud provider's own API.
Four Pillars of CASB
Discover shadow IT cloud services and gain visibility into user activity with sanctioned cloud applications
Identify sensitive data in the cloud and enforce DLP policies to meet data residency and compliance requirements
3.Data Security
Enforce data-centric security such as encryption, tokenization, access control, and information rights management
4.Threat protection
Detect and respond to negligent or malicious insider threats, privileged user threats, and compromised accounts
By using cloud access security brokers, organizations can:
Identify what Shadow IT cloud services are in use, by whom, and what risks they pose to the organization and its data
Evaluate and select cloud services that meet security and compliance requirements using a database of cloud services and their security controls
Protect enterprise data in the cloud by preventing certain types of sensitive data from being uploaded, and encrypting and tokenizing data
Identify potential misuse of cloud services, including both activity from insiders as well as third parties that compromise user accounts
Enforce differing levels of data access and cloud service functionality based on the userís device, location, and operating system
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