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The Great Mobile Security Reboot
Mobile devices and connectivity have transformed the Internet, transformed business and transformed our lives. However, when it comes to information protection and mobile security, the widespread impression is that the transformation has been one huge headache.
Mobile has vastly increased the number of devices that have access to, or might gain access to, an organization’s network and its valuable data. More than that, the bring-your-own-device trend means that most of these mobile devices are personal, employee-owned smartphones and tablets.
Security in the Personal Age

Indeed, “personal” has taken on an even stronger meaning as people’s mobile devices become evermore embedded in their lives. Less than 1 percent of mobile users have corporate security safeguards on their personal devices, and users tend to be uncomfortable with the possibility that such security might delete their personal contacts and data, for instance.

The Great Reboot

In a nutshell, Hannigan said, the mobile era is giving firms an opportunity to rebuild their networks and information systems nearly from the ground up, with current technology and modern approaches to security. Their existing wired networks often rely heavily on legacy code, some of which can date back as far as 40 years. Much of this code was written long before today’s security threats were even imagined.


In contrast, today’s mobile platforms are built around up-to-date technology and approaches to security. Mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS are not invulnerable, but they can be made highly resistant to attacks and lend themselves to contemporary security architectures. Older security technology built around endpoints is not suited for the mobile era, while mobile platforms are well-adapted to modern security concepts such as managing identities and access.

Mobile Security and the Cloud

In particular, and in addition to other contemporary features, mobile technology is built to work with and through the cloud. Indeed, mobile and the cloud are intimately related; once users have multiple devices, “local” storage and applications cease to have much practical meaning.


Just as users’ personal data must be stored in the cloud in order to be readily accessible, the cloud is emerging as a basic security tool as well as a security environment. A growing number of firms are adopting security-as-a-service through the cloud, and the cloud is fundamental to the sharing of security information, which is the foundation of security intelligence.


Thus, while mobile certainly poses security challenges, the mobile era also provides an opportunity for firms and other organizations to embrace new and more robust approaches to safeguarding their data.
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